Most days I feel as if my life is pure chaos that is fueled solely by caffeine. In addition to photography, I am a part-time pharmacist and mother to three of the busiest children on the planet!

I am happiest with a Starbucks in one hand and my Canon in the other hand, surrounded by "my people", in the stands watching my children do what they do best. And when I say children, I don't just mean my three biological children.....I mean ALL of my seniors and all of the children that have ever went in front of my lens. These kids and their families are "my people" and once we are connected through this camera of mine, I will never stop cheering. I will always hope that I am somewhere on the sidelines of your life, ready to witness your next amazing moment.

I once was told that I really needed to narrow my photography down to a know, just take senior pictures or specialize in weddings. So I tried. I tried taking pictures of all kinds and then I thought I would know exactly what I liked the best. Here is what I found out: there is too much I love about life and the adventure I am on to narrow it down. I can have just as much fun taking corporate head shots as I can taking dance photos. The challenge lies in getting to know the person and photographing that person, whether they are in a wedding dress or getting ready to blow the candles out on the cake at their 5th birthday party.

I have been called to take a person's first photograph and I have been called to capture a person's last photograph and just about everything in between. I have photographed celebrations and I have photographed illness. The world is full of emotions and my mission is to preserve it and share it.

One thing I have learned over the past few years as a photographer is that the world is full of so many creative people. It is my job to encourage others to embrace their gifts and creativity.

Life is not always easy.....but it is always beautiful. 

A Few Fun Facts:

  • I am a workers' compensation pharmacist (I bet you didn't know that was even a "thing").
  • My love of photography comes from my dad.
  • I love country music.....I mean, I LOVE it!
  • I love to make lists. Then I love to cross things off the list.....amazing sense of accomplishment!
  • I have been a dance mom, wrestling mom, football mom, soccer mom, baseball mom, cheer mom, and stage mom. I love all those roles. Life is too short to only do one thing. 
  • I am a well-behaved parent at all activities until my son steps on the wrestling mat.....then I lose my mind. Wrestling is like watching your child get hurt and having to suppress every single instinct not to intervene. 
  • Every year, my New Years resolution is organization. I am not there yet.....but I will be. I think I just have too much stuff! (Especially camera equipment)
  • My guilty pleasure is watching hoarding shows on TV. It makes me feel like my house is super clean.
  • I was the only girl in a fraternity. I held the office of Treasurer. 
  • Speaking of college, I went one year to Butler University but ultimately graduated from The University of Toledo.
  • I have cried on the way to a photo shoot, because I was so nervous about getting it right.
  • I have cried after a photo shoot.....sometimes life is so beautiful, it just overflows a little.
  • To me one of the worst things about the pandemic (besides missing out on hugs) is the 'Non-Essential" label. We should never ever label another human as "Non-Essential".
  • There will never be a football team as awesome as the Chicago Bears. 

​behind the lens

"For me, photography is to place head, heart and eye in the same line of sight. It is a way of life."

- Henri Cartier-Bresson