Deciding what to wear can be tricky. Most moms (including me) will feel pressure to buy new clothes and make sure everyone matches and everyone looks "perfect". I am here to remind you that I am photographing  YOU and NOT your clothes.  So take a deep breath, remember that your photo session is meant to capture you and your family connection. You can pick something right out of your closet! (Gasp!). Wear something that is comfortable and that is the type of clothing your friends and family would normally expect you to wear. Here are some tips:

For Families:

*Don't match outfits, instead coordinate them. Pick a complimentary colors and everyone wear something from that color pallet.

*Avoid overpowering prints or patterns.

*Avoid t-shirts with a lot of words and graphics.

*If you are going for the jeans and white t-shirt look, don't be afraid to add in a pretty scarf or necklace for a splash of color and texture.

*Consider your surroundings. For example, if you want to be photographed in front of a red brick wall you may want to avoid red as the reds will clash or we will lose you in that wall.

*If you are planning on printing and hanging your family photo in your home, consider your decor. 

For Seniors:

*Your photos need to represent you! If you have never worn a dress or a suit in your life, don't start for your senior pictures. 

​*Clothing should reflect your interests and personality. If you are a dancer, consider wearing your favorite costume. If you are into sports, bring your jersey or your letterman jacket. 

*If you would like hair and makeup done prior to your session, please contact Robin to get this all set up!

Where should we go? My second most asked question!

Beautiful locations with beautiful light can definitely make a good session great! But like choosing outfits, don't get too hung up on location. At the end of the day, the goal is to capture the person or the family.

Some suggestions...

*Pick a place that has meaning. A park that you frequent a lot or for a senior perhaps they want to go inside their stadium or on their field or stage. 

*Over the years a growing trend is having pictures at home. I have even done some of this myself. Imagine if you took a family picture in front of your house every year! Not only do the people change, but the house and the trees change as well. It is not just a family is documenting history. 

*If you don't have any ideas where to go, let me help. I know many places...rural and urban. We can come up with just the place that suits you perfectly!

What should we wear? Is my most asked question!

What To WEar/ Where to go