Deciding what to wear can be tricky. Most moms (including me) will feel pressure to buy new clothes and make sure everyone matches and everyone looks "perfect". I am here to remind you that I am photographing you and NOT your clothes.  So take a deep breath, remember that your photo session is meant to capture you and your family connection, and pick something right out of your closet! (Gasp!). Wear something that is comfortable and that is the type of clothing your friends and family would normally expect you to wear. Here are some tips:

*Try to stay to 2 or 3 colors at the most. For example, have everyone wear blue jeans and then pick two different coordinating colors for tops.

*Avoid overpowering prints or patterns.

*Avoid t-shirts with a lot of words and graphics.

*If you are going for the jeans and white t-shirt look, don't be afraid to add in a pretty scarf or necklace for a splash of color.

*Consider your surroundings. For example, if you want to be photographed in front of a red brick wall you may want to avoid red as the reds will clash or we will lose you in that wall.

Below is photo of a family who demonstrates all of the above. These are the types of clothes I would expect to see them in, they look comfortable, there are no overpowering prints, and they stuck to 3 basic colors. My favorite part is how Lucy is wearing red which provides a bright and playful splash of color.


What should we wear?   February 28,2015